What do Freelancers look at when deciding to Bid on your Project?

With access to sites like Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork, freelancers have more projects than they can handle. They have to focus their time towards the projects they deem most valuable. But what are the features that make one project more valuable than another?

The Freelancer Bidding extension bids automatically for freelancers without the need for their input. Because of this we needed the tool to be able to prioritize placing bids on the projects it found would be the most valuable to the user. So, how do you get your project to look good enticing enough for freelancers to bid?

The Checklist

In order for a project to be considered at all, it needs to at least meet the checklist.

  • match at least one of the freelancer’s skills
  • have a budget which falls within the freelancer’s bid range
  • match at least one of the freelancer’s keywords, if specified

The Sorting

Now that we’ve narrowed our search down a bit, we can start ordering our projects based on their value. Because this is a multifactor equation each factor needs to be given a certain “weighting” (importance rating). Freelancer Bidding uses machine learning to determine the best weights for each factor to guarantee the highest bid acceptance rate. Here are some of the factors you might consider:

  1. max budget
  2. average bid
  3. skills overlap between the freelancer and the project
  4. number of bids
  5. language match (can freelancer speak client’s language)
  6. client’s rating
  7. currency match (can freelancer accept project’s payout currency)
  8. time remaining for bidding

The Bottomline

When it all comes down to it, money is the most important factor. For example, a big $50,000 project to migrate an enterprise website to another platform is going to garner more interest than a $1,000 request to design a new “mom and pop” Wordpress site.

However, you can do some things to make sure that you maximize your outreach. Leaving off non-essential skills, providing translations for your project’s specification and keeping your rating high are only some of the ways.

Good luck and happy hunting!